Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strange REM

As I continue to prepare for doing some experiments (more on that in the next post) I had some strange brainwaves during my first REM period last night.  Check out the chart below:

(click for a bigger picture)

This is an image of the various frequencies streaming real-time out of the Zeo into our software during the period of interest in my sleep last night. The first section that looks domed, or a "fish eye" as I call it, is deep sleep, then comes the REM period, then another period of deep.  During the REM period there is some fairly regular Delta spikes while other brainwave frequencies dip.  I have not seen this before.  I do vaguely remember dreaming, something about "discovering cosmic rays in my brainwaves".  Funny-odd that I would dream about my brainwaves when in fact my brainwaves are doing something odd.  The spikes are not related to movement or waking.  I had an IR cam on me and I stepped through the frames.  There was a few movements during the time, but not at all at the times of the spikes or even having any regularity associated with them.  I probably had some arousal during the time, else I would probably not remember the "cosmic rays" thing.

The other thing that was odd last night is that I slept only 4 hours and awoke fairly refreshed and could sleep no longer.  I did have a "power nap" during the day before and I did not take any sleep aids before going to bed.  There's an interesting decrease in the depth and duration of deep sleep that goes on during my sleep cycles that I notice and when the deep cycles diminish to near nothing, I notice I awaken.  More on that in another post.

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