Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Unusual Night

Last night is noteworthy because it was unusual.  Below you see an annotated chart showing the ResMed data (top chart), Pulse-Ox and Zeo brain waves (middle chart) and at the very bottom, the Zeo 5 minute sleep stages from the Zeo web site.  The "night" was unusual because I had some sort of metabolical "issue" at the beginning, then fell asleep for a while without my ResMed nor pulse-oximeter on, then woke up and put them on and went back to sleep.

The numbers with circles are some interesting points:

 (Click for a bigger image)

1. Before all this I think I had a "hypoglycemic" (diabetic type) episode.  I'm not diabetic, but I felt very strange, broke out in a sweat, felt "minty sweaty" all over my body and very light headed, almost passing out (buzzzz).  It was like I had food poisoning and was going to "pay the price".  I also felt hypotensive so I checked my blood pressure but it was normal.  I became very thirsty and craved sugar.  I drank a large glass of water and a bunch of Oreos and started feeling better.  Strange.

2. After all those Oreo cookies, I felt sleepy and laid down.  I fell asleep for about 3 hours without my xPAP.  I think I was probably snoring pretty good.  Oops. Not proper therapy.

3. I woke up at 12:30 AM, did this-n-that for about 45 minutes, then put on the pulse-oximeter and went to sleep again with the ResMed.

4. About 2 hours into that sleep, I can see in my data I had a cluster of apneas and some distress (breathing with some "excitement").  During this time I de-sated to 86% due to not only long duration apneas, but many in succession.

5. I notice in my Zeo brain wave data that the deeper sleep "fish eyes" that form in my brain waves are more pronounced during my untreated "nap" than during my "sleep".  I think it was because I had gotten that deeper rest first, then later I didn't need it so much.  Just a theory, because every night I see those deep sleep "fish eyes" progressively get smaller during the night, so this fits here as well.

6.  You can see from the brainwaves that I was getting sleepy, that on-set was coming even though I was still awake.  The waves were converging.

Just an odd night and it is interesting to me to see what was going on.

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