Friday, January 20, 2012

Software List

I use a variety of software:
  • SleepyHead. I use this to view my ResMed S9 Autoset APAP machine's data. It's very good, made by a sleep apnea afflicted person, it's free and he's open to donations.
  • spO2 Review.  This comes with the CMS 50E pulse oximeter and I use it to import data from the device and dump it to disk, to be imported by...
  • Our Analytical Software... very powerful analytical "Artificial Intelligence" technology, including a server and suite of desktop tools, of my company's making.  The server gathers, maintains, cleans, filters, converts and processes data, implements "tasks" (technical processing), helps determine cause and effect, time relations in the data, mathematically models data, tells you key drivers of what you are predicting / estimating, makes those predictions and estimates of what is, or will be happening and also performs abnormal condition monitoring and optimization (hopefully of my treatment and my sleep quality or how I feel and perform).  I works well with both historical and real-time streaming data.  In using it for this purpose, we can make our software better as well.  Later, if I find useful things perhaps we will build a product that can do these things for others.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint.  I copy and paste and align charts in Powerpoint for the time being.  As soon as we can put ResMed data into our analytical software, this will no longer be needed.

None of these software packages are "medical devices" and are considered experimental in nature.  Other small utility programs are used also, such as for taking images of charts.

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