Monday, March 19, 2012

Making a Zeo Cable

The Zeo Bedside unit has a serial port which emits the raw signal it picks up from your forehead, the brainwaves; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3 and Gamma, the sensor impedance and also the 30 second sleep stages.  How do you get this data?

1) Make a cable
2) Get and install a "Real time" firmware upgrade into the Zeo Bedside unit.
3) Get ZeoScope (free)


The Cable
The Zeo Bedside's serial port can be connected to your PC using a Serial -to- USB cable, but Zeo does not sell one and if you want the data, you must make it. The cable itself is a RS-232 Serial to USB, so there's a chip in the USB connector thus one cannot use a standard USB cable and "hack it up". To make mine I followed the directions here:

To make it, I got these parts: ... 16-02-1114
(5 each, to have a couple spares, they are cheap... wire termination connector clip thingys) ... 50-57-9405
(1 each the plastic 5 pin connector) ... 32R-3V3-WE
(1 each, $20... the cable itself)


The Firmware Upgrade
It's explained step by step at the same web page on how to make the cable:


ZeoScope is PC software available for free here:

Have fun watching your brainwaves streaming by... Look left, look right, watch the wave patterns.  Take off the Zeo headband and press it against your chest... WOO... One of the weirdest EKG's you've ever seen. :)