Friday, January 20, 2012

Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor (ya, that means this is a disclaimer)

Nothing you read here is medical advice of any sort.  It is, at best, presented here for your amusement and interesting reading only.  Anything you "learn" here, or take away, if used in any way is at YOUR OWN RISK.  If I say something is true, it may not.  If I say something is false, it may be true.  Anything and everything must be verified by you before you use it in any way.

I am barely responsible for myself, and certainly not for you or your treatment.

Oh, and I do go back and edit posts.  Just because I post something here does not mean I won't go back and fix something if I find it wrong, or I need to add some information.  Therefore, if you see something questionable, let me know and I'll edit it and if I feel it is appropriate, I'll mark it as an edit.  This isn't a scientific journal and has no audit trail, nor do I intend it to be one.


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