Monday, January 23, 2012

Caught a CMS 50E / spO2 Revew Problem

In downloading the data from the CMS 50E pulse-oximeter, which was in record mode overnight, into the spO2 Review software we found a problem...  The spO2 Review software provided by Contec writes *.SPOR files to disk that we import into our software.  When we went to import the SPOR file this AM into our software and queried the data in our software there was none for last night... what?  Our software said the there wasn't any and the last available date for data was tomorrow.  Eh?  So we threw our software into debug mode and watched it read the SPOR file... The data in the SPOR file was reported as starting tonight, not last night.  There must be a bug in either the CMS50E itself or in the spO2 Review software.  We've worked around it now.  Other persons that may be writing a data interface to these files probably should be aware if they don't already know.  It's not a problem in the spO2 Review software because they don't seem to report the date when viewing the pulse and oximetry.

And yes, the CMS 50E / spO2 Review software has a bit of a Y2K issue which we work around also... The year in the file is 2 digits, such as 12 for 2012. Not really a bother, but we have accommodated for that as well because Microsoft .NET does not like two digit years when parsing dates.

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